Creative technologist and programmer


About me


From an early age I have been tinkering with electronics and doing things with my hands. My first memory is that as a toddler I used a screwdriver in a wall socket to get past the child lock. This naughty move may have started my curiosity to experiment with hardware and software. At primary school I was already known as the resitend technical service and in secondary school I was already able to make many cool projects for companies during Technasium. This has grown into a passion for designing and making things including games.

My passions

My will to work with my hands has grown into a passion for many things. I spend a lot of time with Arduinos, sensors and actuators to make cool projects. In recent years I have also developed a passion for 3D printing. This started with assembling and upgrading a 3D printer kit. After having had 2 of these DIY kits I decided to design and build my own 3D printer! My goal is to learn by experimenting with hardware and software by creating cool projects. In addition, I am also a PC enthusiast who assembles and builds computers for myself and friends. Of course I also like (VR) gaming and lately I've been diving into the world of making (VR) games, where I published both an android game and a multiplayer pc game during my Minor Game Design & Development. Now I continue to develop my skills as a game programmer by making various games, both as hobby projects as well as a freelancer.


what I learned

2017 - 2021
Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences - Rotterdam Wijnhaven
Creative Media and Game Technologies (CMGT)
• Propaedeutics
• Bachelor of Science (Fulltime)
• Minor Game Design & Development

2012 - 2017
Fortes Lyceum - Gorinchem Wijdschildlaan
Natuur en Gezondheid (NG)
• HAVO (Senior general secondary education)
• Technasium certificate


Where I have worked

Sept. 2021 - Current
Bitrich Ltd.
Game Programmer
• Developing the game Rail Route

Feb. - Jun. | 2021
Internship programmer
• Embedded systems - Using sensors with 3D printer

Nov. 2013 - Feb. 2021
Sales assistent , Warehouse worker
• Selling of moving boxes and materials
• Replenishing warehouse stock
• Contribute to work optimisation

Sept. - Dec. | 2019
Internship programmer
• Programming front and backend for Phillips Hue

11 days/jear | 2015, 2016, 2018
Volunteer hut building
• Setting up and cleaning up Speel-In event
• Supervise and assist children in hut building


Recent projects | More arrow_forward_ios


Live Inc.

Live Inc.

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Go Kart

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Simpit dashboard

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3D printing


3D printer

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Skills and competentions

I have experience with a lot of different programming languages, tools and other stuff. Below you will find a list with a general overview of what I did.

programming Languages
While programming, I always try to learn new techniques and try to think about security.
Although I have experience with many languages, this does not mean that I also enjoy working with these languages. During my education I worked a lot with, for example, websites where languages ​​such as HTML, CSS and PHP were used. So I did a lot of projects with this, but I didn't enjoy it much. I don't want to be a web developer. For example, I have done many projects for myself with languages ​​such as C++, C and C# because I enjoy doing this.

Language Knowlage Projects Motivation
C# Comfortable +/- 6 School | Own interest | Professional
C/C++ Comfortable 20 + School | Own interest
Typescript Average +/- 6 School
Javascript Average +/- 8 School | Own interest | Professional
PHP Average +/- 5 School | Own interest | Professional
SQL Average +/- 5 School | Own interest | Professional
HTML Average +/- 8 School | Own interest | Professional
CSS Basic +/- 8 School | Professional
Python Basic 4 School | Professional
Java Basic 1 School

On several projects I have worked with the following databases.

Type Knowlage Projects Motivation
MySQL Comfortable +/- 5 School
MongoDB Basic 1 School
Google Big Query Basic 1 School (Stage)
Datadog Comfortable 1 School (Stage)

I have developed applications for the following platforms.

Platform Knowlage Projects Motivation
Arduino / ESP32 Comfortable 20 + School | Own interest
Windows Comfortable 6 School | Own interest | Professional
Raspberry Pi Average 2 School | Own interest | Professional
Ubuntu server Basic 1 School
Android Basic 1 School

3D modeling
I have used several 3D modeling programs. I mostly do CAD design for 3D printed objects.

Program Knowlage Projects Motivation
Autodesk Fusion 360 Comfortable 20 + School | Own interest
Google Sketchup Comfortable 10 + Own interest
Blender Basic 2 School | Own interest

Some miscellaneous skills i have.
English | Dutch
Car | Forklift | Reachtruck | 3D printer
Graphical design
Adobe Photoshop | Adobe Illustrator | Adobe XD


Outside of work

CAD design
3D printer
Building custom gaming computers

General technical support
Video editing
Making music