Star Citizen 890 Jump

3D printed spaceship from the game Star Citizen

In the game Star Citizen there is a very luxurious ship, the Origin 890 Jump. Because I think this is a very cool ship and wanted to make a large 3D print project, I decided to print this model.
My goal is to make this model 1 meter long. In addition, I also want to add water vapor nozzles to make it look like the motors are working.


It started with getting the original model from the site. There is a 3D ship hologram viewer in which the developers have very nicely placed their full model of millions of polygons.

After downloading this model, the task of converting this model from a video game quality to a waterproof model for 3D printing began. I didn't know beforehand that this would take hundreds of hours. The problem is that you don't have to make waterproof models for a video game. This means that not all the dots that make up this model are connected and that there are walls that intersect.

So now I'm going through all the points that make up this model (+/- 10 million reduced to 600,000) one by one and repairing the model. When this is ready I will start printing, sanding, sanding, sanding and painting all parts.

Project duration

Hobby project
300+ Hours
Blender | Meshlab