Inspector Gadget

API generated debugger interface for Philips Hue

There is currently no good developer experience for the Philips Hue API. The documentation is not easy to follow and a lot of information is missing. Also, there is no easy way to test with the Api.
For this I went together with a fellow intern to make an application that had to improve this developer experience.
I was going to create a tool that generates an interactive documentation of the API. for this, a RAML file is read, which then creates an interface that a developer can use to test and discover the API.
The beauty of this system is that the tool itself does not need to be modified if the API changes. The tool is generated from a structure file of the API.
The tool also immediately generates the documentation allowing a developer to see all possible API endpoints, test them and read which variables are expected. There is also autocompletion everywhere that is also built from the RAML specification.


Documentation generated from API specification
Debugger generated from Api specification
Autocompletion generated from API specification

Programming language
Project duration

Q42 | Philips | Signify
HTML | CSS | Typescript
8 Weeks
Hue Api