VR applicatie voor digitaal lesgeven

ClassroomVR is a virtual reality application for Google Cardboard headsets.
The application allows you as a teacher to teach your students in a virtual classroom.

By taking a class in VR, teachers and students no longer have to travel to a school building and you can take classes from the comfort of your own home.

This project was my first introduction to Unity and Blender for the 3D models.
I immediately jumped into the deep end by creating a VR application with multiplayer and audio communication.


With ClassroomVR you have the possibility to completely customize the virtual environment so that it fits perfectly with the lesson.
Teach in a normal classroom, tour a building to learn about architecture, or visit the ISS!

The interaction works through a gaze interaction. Stare at an object and after a certain amount of time you activate the interaction, which can be teleporting to a chair or pressing a button.

The demo I made has multiplayer with two-way audio communication. The teacher can also mute the students to maintain peace in the virtual classroom.

The code for this project can be found on my GitHub Classroom VR

Programming language
Project duration

1 semester
Unity | Blender
Google Cardboard VR