Interactive Installation Darkpark

Interactive installation for the Darkpark in Rotterdam

From my education, I and my team of 3 other people had been commissioned to make an interactive installation for the location of the Darkpark in Rotterdam. I then investigated the location with the team by walking around the site and doing desk research into the history of the location. With this information we were able to form a plan for an interactive installation.

The concept was that a small train would be built at the location in which children could take a tour and during the ride could have a water fight against rabbit targets that are placed on the park. This concept is applicable to this location because the park used to be a shunting yard for trains and because there is now a rabbit infestation at that location.

My task
I made a model of the park with a scale model of the game. I then programmed the game for an Arduino with internet connection. The Arduino records the scoring and transmits the train's data and location to a web interface where players can track the game and enter their name for the highscore system.

Learning objectives

With this project I learned to connect an Arduino to the internet and to send data to a website.
I also learned to update the data on the website with AJAX without having to reload the page.

The code for this project can be found on my GitHub Dakpark

Programming language
Project duration

HTML | CSS | JavaScript | PHP | SQL | C/C++
1 Quarter
Website | Arduino