Live inc.

3D multiplayer heist stealth action game

Live Inc. is a PC game that I helped develop during my minor Game Design & Development. I made this game in a team of 16 students where I was one of the programmers.
On this project I was mainly responsible for the multiplayer and voice communication. In addition, I also implemented various gameplay mechanics and implemented the lighting within the game.

Live Inc. is a 2 vs 2 multiplayer game set in the 80s. It involves 2 teams, the infiltrators who have to break into an office of the corporation Live Inc to collect evidence that the company has bad intentions.
The opposing team takes on the role of Live Inc.'s security and has to catch the opposing team.

Mijn taken
During this project I looked at how I could implement multiplayer in a Unity game. I chose to use SteamWorks and Mirror for this purpose. These are frameworks that make it possible to create a multiplayer game without having to host a server, or let your player do port-forwarding.

For the voice communication in the game I used Dissonance, a free framework for communication that works together with Mirror and SteamWorks.

Besides the multiplayer and voice communication I also implemented various gameplay mechanics in the game, created the menu and set up the code conventions and workflow for the rest of the team. With the conventions and workflow documents I made it as easy as possible to convert the requirements of the game designers into an implementation that the programmers could make. In this document various things were mentioned, from which Unity version we are using to syntax and guides for using and creating GitHub issues and Pull Requests.

For this game I also made 2 soundtracks that can be found on the Youtube channel of the game.

Learning goals

Get experience with Unity game development for PC.
Multiplayer in Unity with SteamWorks.
Voice communication in Unity.
Gain experience working in a larger game development team

Information about the game can be found on multiple platforms:

Programming language
Project duration

3 Months