Website with reservation and schedule system for music lessons

My education gave me the assignment to make a reservation system. I have sought a client myself to be able to do this project. I finally got to make a reservation system for my music teacher to use in his music practice

The concept I created is a reservation system for students to book a lesson and keep track of how many lessons they have already paid. The music teacher also has a nice overview of all the lessons he has scheduled.
When booking music lessons, the student can indicate how many lessons should be booked, for which instrument and on what date and time. The lessons are only really booked when the music teacher also accepts the lessons so that both the student and teacher are available at that moment.

My task
I have kept my client informed of my progress on this project, but I have also made agreements with about the requirements he has for this project and that I also comply with them.
I set up a database and wrote the website with logic to make this reservation system work.

Learning objectives

Working with databases
Learn to create a website that uses, modifies, creates and deletes data from a database (CRUD).
Dealing with a client.

Programming language
Project duration

School | Muziekpraktijk Blue Note
1 Quarter