Super bespaar app

Save the environment by buying consciously

From the Municipality of Rotterdam I was instructed to do a project related to the energy transition to sustainable energy.
I did this project in a team with 2 other students.

The concept that we came up with together was a progressive web app that allows you to score points by making sustainable purchases in the supermarket. A progressive web app is a website that you can also install as an app on your phone. When buying a piece of meat, for example, you do not get points because the ecological impact of this is high. When buying a jar of beans you get a lot of points because it is the vegetable with the smallest impact on the environment.
With the points you earn you can save for a discount on, for example, a solar panel or a discount on your next sustainable product.
The whole purpose of this app was to make the retailers subconsciously aware of their impact on the environment based on what they buy. By linking this app with, for example, the bonus card of the already ecologically responsible store, Ekoplaza can save the customer without any hindrance and reduce his footprint on the planet.

My task
In this project I kept myself busy making the pages of the web app.

Learning objectives

Create a progressive web app.

The code for this project can be found on my GitHub Superbespaarapp

Programming language
Project duration

HTML | CSS | JavaScript
1 semester